How Often Should I Service My Boiler

How often should I service my boiler?

Your boiler is one of the most important amenities in your house. It keeps your house warm as well as heats your water. It would be a great inconvenience if it stops working or causes a safety problem for you, your family or home. Therefore, regular boiler servicing is recommended annually to maintain it in proper condition at all times.

Gas engineers & manufacturers recommend that you service your boiler once a year. This will guarantee that it is safe to use and avoid future breakdowns. For your Worcester boiler servicing, you should use a certified gas engineer to ensure that it is serviced correctly. Grand Union uses registered gas engineers to serve the residents of Milton Keynes and its surroundings.

There are many advantages to annual boiler servicing. While many of them ensure safety for your family and home, there are also financial benefits. Some of these include:

Keep your warranty valid

Your boiler manufacturer requires that you service your boiler once a year. If your boiler happens to breakdown, the manufacturer will confirm when the last boiler check was done. If you missed your annual Worcester boiler servicing, your warranty will be invalidated.

Home insurance requirement

To warrant boiler safety, your home insurance policy may require yearly boiler servicing. Failing to honour this requirement can invalidate your home insurance.

To lower your energy bills

An Inefficient boiler uses a lot of energy to operate which increases your gas bills. When servicing your boiler, the gas engineer will make sure that the boiler is working efficiently to save you a fortune in energy bills.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns

You need your boiler to work when you need it, especially during the cold seasons. An annual boiler servicing routine will reduce the risk of your boiler breaking down unexpectedly.

Prolonging your boiler’s life expectancy

Wear and tear is inevitable. A gas engineer will identify the worn-out parts of your boiler that need to be replaced and make recommendations to increase its life span.

Keeping your home safe

A faulty boiler can pose great risks to your household. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, deadly gas that is emitted from gas boilers. A qualified gas engineer will check for gas leaks and faults in your boiler and correct them. This will certify boiler safety. Moreover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your boiler is not leaking dangerous gases in your home.

Finding a trusted gas engineer

We have covered the importance of annual boiler servicing. It is also important to use an accredited engineer that you can trust.

Grand Union Limited offers affordable boiler servicing and Worcester boiler servicing to residents of Milton Keynes and its surroundings. It is a local company with years of experience guaranteeing quality services. Grand Union Limited uses gas safe registered engineers to do your boiler servicing, repairs, installations, and to offer professional advice. Call 01908 103034. Grand Union Limited is always happy to help.