Boiler Pump Replacement Cost

It is a well-known fact that most of the common boiler repairs are related to the pump. At times, you can call a repairman to fix the pump, however, in the majority of cases, it cannot be fixed and there is a need for replacement. Moreover, as the pumps are not much expensive it is better to buy a new pump than to waste your money on getting an old pump fixed. Getting an old pump fixed means it is probable to break down shortly anyway.

So, if there have been some problems in your boiler, it by no means mean that you will have to replace the whole boiler, as sometimes the problem can be the pump, which can be easily replaced at a much lesser price.

Do I need a boiler pump replacement?

If there has been a problem in your boiler, you can call an expert like Heating Specialist Buckinghamshire, and they will check your boiler and let you know whether there is a problem in the pump or some other area of the boiler. They will also guide you on whether you need to replace the pump or the whole boiler. Once everything is decided, a team of Heating Specialist Buckinghamshire, from Grand Union will make the required replacement for you.

Below are some signs, which mean that there is some problem with the pump.

  • The pump is running, however, water on the flow pipe is not hot
  • The pump is dripping
  • The pump is extremely loud
  • The pump has no power or it won’t turn off

Cost of boiler pump replacement

No two pumps can be of the same price and the cost of boiler pump replacement depends on various factors, like, ease of installation, model, and the type of pump. Not only this, but the cost of pumps from different manufacturers is also different. A high-quality boiler pump comes in the range of £90 – £150. If you also want to get the pump installed then you might have to pay anything between £185 – £300.

If you are a little tight on your budget and also don’t want to compromise on the quality of the pump, you can contact Grand Union, which is a Heating Specialist Buckinghamshire. Our Boiler engineers will be happy to help you and will visit you at any time decided by you.