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Do I Need A Legionella Risk Assessment?

It is a fact that all places of work need a legionella risk assessment, which can help to decide whether the environment is safe for people, in terms of contact with water-based solutions. If your business has any type of water system then it is extremely significant to comprehend and see the risk that is there for Legionella to increase and result in a risk to individuals. It is important for businesses to know about Legionella as unawareness could result in loss of lives, and can get huge fines.

Legionellosis disease

Legionella is a type of bacteria, which causes legionellosis disease. The disease is caused by breathing in water droplets, which comprise living legionella. For this disease to cause infection, the water needs to be of a certain temperature, therefore, only specific equipment and processes can result in this set of conditions. As to cause this disease, the water needs to be in droplets form, air conditioning units and whirlpool have more chances of causing this disease. Seniors, alcoholics, smokers, and people with diabetes and cancer, are at a higher risk of getting this disease. Not only risk to human life, but this disease also poses many financial risks. If the outbreak of this disease takes place in a commercial business, there can be fine worth millions.

Risk for businesses

Businesses need to take steps to avert the situations, which result in legionella to grow and get hazardous. It is up to business owners to make sure the suitable equipment is checked and examined regularly to make sure there is no serious illness or mortalities. Some help from Heating Specialist Buckinghamshire can ensure that your company is free from the risk of Legionellosis. The chief method of regulating the risk is to ensure that the settings are unreceptive to Legionella. It is best to store hot water over 60° and cold water below 20°, which can then kill the bacteria.

Every business should be informed about Legionella. Risks should be accessed, and appropriate action must be taken. If you do not get help and advice from Heating Specialist Buckinghamshire and work on it, you could end up with a vast fine, or worse, severe illness or losses on your hands.

So, it is better that you take services of a company like us at Grand Union and get the risk assessment done to protect your company, your employees, and your future.