Power Flushing Milton Keynes

Power Flush Cost

If you a central heating system, which is old or if you are meaning to install a new boiler, it is important that you clean the radiators and pipes frequently. With time, a central heating system rusts and gets a mud of rusted metal and scale. This, afterward, results in obstructions and when you install a new boiler, there is always a risk of damaging it

You can get the services of Heating and Gas Engineer Buckinghamshire from Grand Union who can install a power flush between the price range of £300 and £600 based on the number of radiators you have. Installing a power flush comprises flushing chemically treated water around the system at high pressure to clean away all the solids.

Therefore, it is vital to flush a combi boiler and its related central heating circuit to ensure the system gives you heat competently.

Signs that you need a power flush

Heating and Gas Engineer Buckinghamshire can effortlessly decide if you require a power flush or not. However, certain signs can also help you decide whether you need a power flush or not.

The chief thing to look for is to find out if the radiators are blocked with solid mud. Therefore, try to notice issues with heat transfer from the radiators. Typically, certain areas will be warm and others will be cold though the pipes stay hot. Sometimes, the whole system makes a knocking sound.


Once you call the plumber after noticing the signs given above, it is up to them to decide whether you require a substitute process of cleaning for your condition. These methods comprise a chemical flush and a magnetic filter.

A magnetic filter is a small device comprising an extremely powerful magnet. Usually, it is permanently installed on the water return pipe. This allows the dirty water to pass through the filter, and when it does, it collects magnetic and non-magnetic solids to stop these harming the boiler. If you only have a slight mud problem, the Heating and Gas Engineer Buckinghamshire will come to a decision that a chemical wash is sufficient.

Powerflush can look somewhat expensive, but in the long run, it is effective to keep the inside of your central heating system clean so that everything functions at top competence. So call a Heating and Gas Engineer Buckinghamshire from Grand Union now and get the best service.