What Does a Gas Service Involve?

Whether you are a landlord who wants to make sure they are providing a safe home for tenants or a homeowner who is keen to ensure their home is running efficiently, you will need a gas service. There are a lot of companies out there offering gas services, but it’s important to choose a team that knows what they’re doing. At Grand Union Plumbing & Heating, we have a lot of experience in gas servicing and therefore we know what we are doing. We provide an efficient, effective and professional service to everyone. However, how much do you know about what a gas service involves? Before making an appointment, it’s a good idea to understand what a gas service checks.

Here’s What’s Involved in a Gas Service

When we carry out a gas service, we check every aspect of your gas system. This includes all pipework, appliances and flues. We thoroughly inspect everything to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. If anything is highlighted as being faulty or underperforming, we can then arrange for repairs to be made. The following things are included in a gas service:

  • Checking the meter, pipework and gas pressure
  • Gas tightness test
  • Appliance safety devices
  • Appliance correct and safe operation

We offer reinspections free of charge if the remedial work is carried out by us, or for £20 + VAT if remedial work is carried out by another Gas Safe engineer. As long as your gas appliances are working safely, failure is unlikely. Failing a gas service generally occurs when the gas installation or appliance are at risk of becoming unsafe or if they are currently dangerous.

Gas Service in Milton Keynes

There’s no benefit to delaying a gas service, as you could be using an installation that’s unsafe. The sooner you book a gas service, the sooner you can relax. There’s also the benefit of a gas service highlighting if appliances aren’t working correctly, which could be increasing your gas bill unnecessarily. During a gas service, faults and problems are highlighted. They can then be fixed, before they do any lasting damage. Not only does this mean that the entire system will be working better, but it also helps to boost longevity.

If you are in Milton Keynes and you need a gas service, we can help. We provide gas servicing to those in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you are a landlord, letting agent or homeowner you can call on us for gas servicing. All you need to do is get in touch, book an appointment and let us take care of the rest. We are always happy to help and our engineers are Gas Safe registered.