What To Do If Your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Has Expired

As a landlord or letting agent, you will need a gas safety certificate for every property that you own or manage. However, these aren’t a ‘one time thing’ that you can do once and then put to the back of your mind. Landlord gas safety certificates need to be issued annually and this means organising an annual safety inspection with a Gas Safe engineer. It’s a good idea to have the inspection done before the current certificate expires, as this will avoid any periods of time when you are without one. However, if your safety certificate has already expired you can still book an inspection. This should be done as soon as possible. Our inspections cover everything that a gas safety certificate requires including checking gas pipework, appliances and flues are operating safely. The sooner you contact Grand Union Plumbing & Heating, the sooner this will be carried out.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Expired

There’s a lot to think about when you are a landlord, including keeping up with your landlord gas safety certificate and ensuring it’s reissued once expired. Having a valid landlord gas safety certificate is mandatory, which means letting it expire is not an option. This is where we come in. At Grand Union Plumbing & Heating, we offer landlord safety inspections and are on hand to help if your landlord gas safety certificate has expired. Though it’s best to keep on top of the gas safety certificate to avoid being without one for too long, we can carry out our inspections whenever you need us to. If your landlord gas safety certificate has already expired or is expiring soon, call on us to help.

Renewing Your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe place for tenants to live. This includes fitting the property with safe and secure gas appliances, which you will need to prove. It’s not simply enough to give your word, you must have a landlord gas safety certificate to show that everything has been checked by a registered professional. This is the case whether you are a private landlord or an agent managing multiple properties. You are not able to rent out a property with an expired landlord gas safety certificate.

If your landlord gas safety certification has expired, you need to contact a Gas Safe engineer and arrange for a safety inspection to take place. This is something that must be done annually. If you are based in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, you can book your landlord safety inspection with Grand Union Plumbing & Heating. Find out more by getting in touch online.