Why You May Need To Flush Central Heating Mains Water

There’s no denying that central heating is a hugely impressive part of the home, but that’s not to say that it takes care of itself. Occasionally, central heating systems and radiators run into problems. This is where power flushing and flushing the central heating mains water comes into things. Rather than being left with cold and noisy radiators, enlist the help of professionals and have a power flushing service carried out. You’re sure to be impressed with the results.

What Does Flushing Central Heating Mains Water Involve?


You may have heard of power flushing before, but how much do you know about what it does and what it involves? When there’s a problem with the central heating system, power flushing is often the solution. If there are cold spots on the radiators, power flushing will help. If the radiators are being noisy, power flushing will help. When you power flush the central heating mains water, the entire central heating system is given a worthwhile boost.

In order to perform a power flushing service, we push water through the central heating system. This removes any dirt, debris and sludge. It’s the build up of these things that often causes radiators to stop working and make a lot of noise. Cold spots form when the central heating mains water struggles to reach every inch of a radiator and noise occurs when it has to work harder than normal. When the build up of any sludge is removed, this doesn’t happen. Whereas a lot of companies push water through at a high pressure, we stick to the same pressure that the central heating system uses. This avoids any leaks and damage being caused, which means after a power flush your radiators will be in a good working condition.

Power Flushing at Grand Union Plumbing & Heating

At Grand Union Plumbing & Heating, we offer a professional power flushing service. For a one off cost of £350 + VAT, we will carry out power flushing on up to 12 radiators. This service is a thorough one and includes:

  • Connecting a flushing kit and filters to your central heating system
  • Adding a cleansing agent to the system
  • Turning on each radiator individually
  • Operating a circulating pump to ensure all sludge is collected by the filtration system

After we have carried out the power flushing process, we add an inhibitor to prevent internal erosion. You don’t have to worry about noisy radiators, cold spots and a failing central heating system when Grand Union Plumbing & Heating are on hand to help. To find out more about how we power flush central heating mains water, get in touch with the team. We are always happy to help, so make a booking and let us take care of the rest. Your central heating system will be working perfectly in no time at all.